Continental Flight Systems

The air like the sea is not inherently dangerous. But to an even greater degree than the sea it is terribly unforgiving of any ignorance, incapacity, or neglect.

– Captain AG Lamplugh

The rewards in business go to the man who does something with an idea.

– William Benton

As a rule, those who have the most information will have the greatest success in life.

– Disraeli

Travel Management Infrastructure Development

So you have a brand new shiny airplane. Now what? Don't let the infrastructure to support it be an afterthought. We can help you implement the infrastructure to support your travel management solution.

Some of the areas of infrastructure development to consider include:

  • Aircraft Storage
  • Insurance
  • Pilot/Mechanic training
  • Maintenance
  • Publications
  • Scheduling & Dispatching
  • Flight Planning
  • Domestic
  • International

All of the infrastructure items listed (as well as others unique to your situation) need to be addressed. We can help you to come up with the proper "mix" of infrastructure items to be done "In House" and what should be "Sent Out". For example very few organizations would do a D Check (major airframe maintenance) in house.

Don't want to bother with any infrastructure? Then the managed Aircraft solution is for you. How much should you have managed by an outside organization? Some prefer to have pilots that they know doing the flying – others don't care who is involved just as long as the service is reliable.

Comfortable with domestic operations but need help with the step to international operations? It's easy as long as you have the infrastructure developed to support international flying. Unfortunately the world outside of the Continental US does not provide the aviation support that we are used to domestically. The good news is that there are organizations whose business it is to support international aviation operations. You can offload as many of the tasks as you want – and do the rest "In House".

If the need to travel internationally is new to you – then you might want to let us look into your current operation to see if any upgrades would better meet your travel needs.